Why choose imonggo?

Since 2010, Imonggo has been helping SME retailers in 170 different countries globally.

Imonggo is a web-based, easy-to-use POS that enables you to operate, record, track, and manage your sales and inventory, from 1 to 100 branches.

Imonggo gives you powerful inventory management, sales management, and business analysis tools that are very simple to use without any setup required. It also provides additional functions that are very useful for businesses - customer reward points, offline and mobile sales, and store and sales analysis.

of helping small and mid-sized retailers
1 Years
with satisfied customers
100 Countries
businesses supported
10000 +
transactions processed
10000000 +

Stories from our valued Customers

These businesses are using Imonggo to improve their communities and the world around them.

Fresh Grocer

When most of the world went on lockdown due to COVID-19, Fresh Grocer saw an opportunity.


The small business from Zimbabwe was originally in the B2B category, delivering fresh produce from farms to hotels and restaurants. However, due to the temporary closure of many of their partners, they had to quickly pivot into B2C. Now, Fresh Grocer delivers fresh produce from organic farms straight to the table of consumers.


Imonggo is instrumental in this pivot. Because Fresh Grocer uses Imonggo as their backend, they can pretty much manage the business online. The business owners can stay at home to take care of inventory and orders, so they can guide the staff on-site who are delivering the goods.


‘Imonggo helps by helping everyone to get on one platform to administer all the sales from that perspective’, said Komborerai Murimba the business development manager of Fresh Grocer.


Murimba thinks Imonggo is important in running Fresh Grocer. The point of sale solution’s reports module, for example, helps them get a complete picture of their operations.

I love Imonggo’s automatic calculation of margins, the invoice count. I say 90% of the time, I’m actually within Reports

Easy-to-use and Hassle Free POS​