Why choose imonggo?

Since 2010, Imonggo has been helping SME retailers in 170 different countries globally.

Imonggo is a web-based, easy-to-use POS that enables you to operate, record, track, and manage your sales and inventory, from 1 to 100 branches.

Imonggo gives you powerful inventory management, sales management, and business analysis tools that are very simple to use without any setup required. It also provides additional functions that are very useful for businesses - customer reward points, offline and mobile sales, and store and sales analysis.

of helping small and mid-sized retailers
1 Years
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100 Countries
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10000 +
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10000000 +

Stories from our valued Customers

These businesses are using Imonggo to improve their communities and the world around them.

Photo Nursery

Jeff Secrease’s business is a bundle of joy.


It’s called Photo Nursery, a unique photography business that takes photographs of newborns right at the birthing center.


Photo Nursery’s clients are thankful for the service because they get beautiful photos of their new babies, instead of the traditional clinical photos usually taken by hospital staff.


More than 45,000 families have trusted the photography company since it opened in 2008.


Jeff, meanwhile, trusts Imonggo to help Photo Nursery stay on track. The company operates in four locations in both Florida and California, and the veteran businessman works from home. He likes that Imonggo can let him monitor the locations remotely.


‘If my photographers have a problem, I can log in to Imonggo, on my side and see what they may be having issues with. I can log in and help their branch, as far as voiding a transaction, from my phone or my computer, and not even be in the same state as them to help them. Traditional POS software you have to be in that location and have to do it manually,’ Jeff told Imonggo in an interview.


Jeff also likes that Imonggo is intuitive, so he is sure that his photographers will utilize it to record sales and receive payment.

The easier it is to understand, the more likely they’re gonna use it,

Easy-to-use and Hassle Free POS​